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August 8th, 2008 by Apressz

Alo to you all.. My name is Apressz De' Frich. This is my page.. I build this page bcoz of several reason.. Mmmm, actually its juz bcoz of 1 reason only.. My cute lecturer (Miss. Chin Pei Yee) ask us (her students in Web Programming class) to learn how to use CSS with HTML properly.. Then, she wants us to upload our page so that she can give us good marks for our Web Programming subject.. (Hopefully she will.. huhu~)

Attention to all readers: Some of the content in my page i get it from other sources.. This page is for educational purpose only.. (Don't worry guys.. I still respect ur intellectual property rights.. :P)

Therefore, i hope u all enjoy ur 'site-viewing' here.. If u have any comment or question to give me, feel free to contact me..

My page is not that cool but still i want to show it to u all.. Haha.. Please don't mind me.. huhu~ (O.o)

Fiesta of GawaiKaamatan

August 10th, 2008 by Apressz

Last night was our 'Malam Kemuncak of GawaiKaamatan' here in our lovely campus; UMSKAL.. I've involved with the cultural exhibition for the whole 1 week.. Feels so great to be in the GawaiKaamatan team.. Eventhough this yr GawaiKaamatan was not very happening (as expected), i still love the moment during the celebration.. Two major tribes celebrate GawaiKaamatan.. They are:

  • Kadazan-Dusun
  • Iban

If u want to know more about these tribe, feel free to check them out using wikipedia.. hehe..


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